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Mel **

2:04:09 PM

2) Your Focus

A. The hardest part of getting well will be your ability to focus; easier said than done, and I know this from my own experience. There is lots of information available, but only two people that I know of (Mr. Common sense and Myself) who have beaten Morgellons. So I suggest that you read what paths we have chosen to take and decide which protocol will best serve you.

B. Once on a protocol you must get all the items listed and then use them as we have in order to produce the desired results. I do not recommend adding anything other than what was used, because these protocols have proven to be effective.

C. The different ingredients that make up the protocol were not created to fight Morgellons, but when put together were able to defeat Morgellons. So even though the manufacturers may list different approaches to using their products, take the simple approach and follow the protocol as it is laid out.

D. How and Why we lose focus:

  1. Ahh, we start feeling worse and get scared.

  2. Things are coming through our skin and it's horrifying.

  3. We get into the five week reproduction cycle, get really sick and stop taking the protocol (more on this subject tomorrow).

  4. This is a beauty; we start to feel better and because of our isolation, we start to get away from what got us to this point.

E. If you focus for ninety straight days using all the ingredients of my protocol I am positive you will see results and therefore find it easier to focus towards our ultimate goal; getting rid of your Morgellons !!!

God bless you all - I pray for all of you at sunset.


P.S. - Tomorrow's Subject: The Protocol

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