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For Mel

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11:21:45 AM

Can I have a second. Yes, I second Peter's sentiments and add my own deep gratitude for Mel and this entire community!

May we all rest in God today. Free of all the seeming burdens we carry and the wear and tear of our constant judgments and opinions. Finding the peace and silence freely given us as we repose in the arms of every-lasting Peace.


11:33:18 AM

Hello folks

God put this on my heart...that others might see more clearly...

You have heard me say it before and you most certainly will here me say it again in the future. But here is my testimony.

I look at what you do day in and day out, and I am humbled. I acquaint with the gentle ,kind, and caring soul underneath the tough hockey exterior, and I am humbled. I see the fruit of the seeds you sow in the spirit of Christ, and I am humbled.

You author a revolution against wrong, despondent, hopeless thinking. You usher in an about face and implant creative and constructive thoughts. You wage a battle against complacency. You act as though we cannot fail. You declare independence from all that would drag us down. You overwhelm fear and put faith on the throne.

And most of all, you affirm that "hope" is the miracle medicine of the mind...that it inspires the will to live....that it is the word of God written on the brow of every man, woman, and child.

This is your testimony.... "Have a deep sense of obligation for the precious gift of life." You are our greatest blessing, and I want to express a measure of gratitude on behalf of the Morgellons community. Thanks for all you do!