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12:13:10 AM

hi everybody, I want you to know for the record, that my goal is to make the terrain well and the protocol and believe these are a 'means to a cure'

8:16:46 PM

Harsh ones.. as I said. . so I am not actually condoning them.

He did kill them permanently tho. He took drastic measures. They have not returned in him, but continued to linger in me. (He is so afraid to see me for fear of catching them again, as well as his family and communicate from a distance). Currently, anything I touch, he sprays in bleach before he takes it from me including business cards.
I dont like what he does to me, or himself. . but he did succeed in beating it. He used Pine Oil, but predominately bleach. . he wrapped himself in plastic and quarantined himself. HE DID this several days .. it IS true that this WAS IN FIRST MONTH tho.

(As for me, I was afraid for him to use bleach on my body but that was before I knew the extent of this full-blown)

I didnt know what we had, didnt want to listen to what he tried to tell me. . I doubted him and thought he was negative because I was a healthy girl.

Both products were diluted, he told me the exact ratio. . I dont recall now, it could be 1 part to 20 part or something, I could ask him.

I wouldnt let him spray me or my posessions.
But He sprayed his entire environment & was thorough . . & it worked. Afterwards, He saw extremely small organisms appearing all over him, the car seats, and in the trunk where we kept our beach blanket. .. they were alive & dying. It has been written, they when they are threatened or injured, you can see them.

He also threw high levels of bleach in the jacuzzi and soaked.

We both had the black specks and other visible probs. I was worse or maybe just got worse. But he is cured, and I am not.

(I have had improvements with protocol & feel i'm in recovery as mentioned in earlier posts) :)

I hope this answers your question.

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