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6:31:21 PM


LOl. I guess I spoke too soon! I am having a ton of activity on my face and scalp today out of seemingly nowhere. It's not full or new moon so I dont know what gives. Humbug I will not take this "lying down"! LOL get it? Cuz I am bed ridden? Nevermind my humor is off today. Nonetheless, I am getting on this right away tonight! I have all these oils. :)

Thank you!

6:24:19 PM

Thanks Adrianne! I will try this. I have low activity on my face (I shaved my head) but my scalp is another story on some nights. Hahaha

8:24:59 AM

For those struggling with intense itching and crawling on the face and scalp, this has really helped me:

1. Mix head and shoulders " 2 in 1 classic clean" with Dr. Bronners Hemp Tea Tree liquid Soap in your hand. Don't just massage it into your scalp, scratch it into the scalp too. Leave on for a couple of minutes. Make sure you are not using anything hotter than warm water.
2. Use head and shoulders instant relief conditioner with peppermint complex and tea tree essence, working it into the scalp the same way. If your hair and scalp is very dry, follow up with Clear Hydration fix conditioner. Do a final rinse with cold water.
3. Once out of the shower, when hair is towel dried and still damp, spray kleen green all over it, making sure you coat the scalp as well. Comb through hair.
4. Apply more kleen green when hair is dry, I use a finer tooth comb once my hair is almost dry.
5. If you shower just in the morning, make sure before you get into bed at night you put kleen green in your hair and comb it. Doing this both in the morning and at night works best.

For the face:
1. Massage coconut oil all over face.
2. Wipe off coconut oil and put Dr. bronners peppermint menthol soap on a wet paper towel or wash cloth. Massage it into your skin, STAYING AWAY FROM YOUR EYES. If you get this in your eyes it will sting. Wipe off with a wet paper towel after 2 or so minutes.
3. Apply st. Ives oatmeal and shea butter body lotion to your face. Once the lotion is soaked in, I usually wait 10 minutes, apply kleen green on your face, staying away from your eyes and mouth.