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Has anyone been cured of this?

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1:39:53 AM

Alex and Amanda

You two represent the new wave of warriors that Mel once enrolled me into when I first arrived here. More importantly, sharing your journeys will lead the way for the people of your generation who face our disease.

You will need to draw upon that will you mention, Alex. Cultivate it here and you will succeed.

Strength and Love,

Amanda R
1:54:47 PM

Hey Alex,
I'm in that younger age category I suppose. If you need someone to talk to 2. You can email Mel and ask for my number or something.

We all understand that your going through regardless of age. You will get better, don't give up.

I can tell you that we have to give up certain things in our lives to get better. As the world gets more toxic and toxic we have to make difficult choices to get better. You can get "food" again but moderation is the key. Trust me, when I ate these foods it makes me feel like crap and its not worth it. Yesterday for instance I eat a ton of beef and felt awful, as you slowly make better choices you realize how baking and cooking can actually be fun.

Having this disease sucks so bad it really does, but we can choose to fight or stay down!

Read , read, read, and a year from now you will laugh at how far you've come.

12:15:40 PM

I really hope this disease can be completely eradicated.

While I'm fighting each and every day to be cured of my symptoms, I will simply not settle for not having full control of the choices I make for my body. If my passion is baked goods, I will fight until I can consume all baked goods.

I'm not fighting for a life half-lived and deprived of what life has to bring.

I'm younger than most on this site, so most of you will likely not understand but I haven't been in the world long enough to settle for only relief of symptoms.

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