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Bill M **

1:33:46 PM

Good Day Fellow Warriors,

Well, this week marks the completion of my first year on Mel's protocol, and what a year it has been. The first 6 months were a huge struggle...mentally, emotionally, and physically. But with discipline, commitment and of course phone calls from the Mel Meister, every month thereafter has been easier. I have gained back 24 lbs of the 43 lbs I lost and right now I feel great.
At this time I can say that I am 95% cured, and I am still doing the protocol which includes the strict diet. There is absolutely no "silver lining" to the Morgellons disease, but the good news for me is that I learned how to cook and educated myself on eating the proper foods for my body.
One big mistake I made a few times over was thinking that I was cured and I could start eating regular foods and drink alcohol. And every time I did that it came back to bite me in the butt. I was so convinced that since I caught this early that I could cure myself in 6 months or at the most 12 months. Not true. From what I have read and now know from experience, it will more than likely take the 18 months to be fully healed.

When I first realized that I had Morgellons I thought it was from bird mites, but no exterminator could confirm this and almost all exterminators don't want to treat mites. They make more money treating bed bugs and other critters so they don't bother with mites. Over the past 15 months I probably had 6 exterminating companies at my house and I was amazed that I knew more about mites than these six "experts".
So I did every treatment I could think of to eliminate the mites, which also included throwing out mattresses, clothing, rugs, curtains, and all fabric furniture. Unfortunately, every time I thought that I had finally eradicated them, I was bitten again and again, and every bite puts more bacteria in my body and extends my healing time.
After doing additional research I contacted the Trutech Company, which is an affiliate of Orkin Pest Control. I thought they could find the elusive bird's nest that I was unable to locate. Much to my surprise they did not find a bird's nest but rather they noticed mice in my very small attic space, and the mice had made trails in the insulation. So they informed me that I had rat mites and not bird mites. They immediately did a treatment in my attic and crawl space, which included putting traps in the front and back of the house which should keep the mice from getting in the crawl space and hence the attic. Keep in mind that in 5 years of living in my townhouse I never saw one mouse dropping, so I never suspected rat mites. How did they get into the attic without going through the house? From the crawl space they were climbing up the space between the walls and going right into the attic. The mice were the carriers for the rat mites, and of course when the mite colony was expanding in the attic they eventually traveled south and right into my upstairs bedrooms. But as of today, I may have finally eradicated the mites. I have my fingers crossed.
I wanted to tell this story because there may be others who may be having a difficult time eradicating mites from their environment. I can share my knowledge and if anyone wants to call and talk to me, you can get my contact information from Mel.
Dealing with the Morgellons can be a real battle, but just remember that by winning the battles you will eventually win the war. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
Be well...and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all...God Bless.


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