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Help and advice Newbie On antimicrobial soap

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2:40:17 AM

Hello Atik

I want to thank you for this thought provoking post. You shed light on some really good issues. For example, it has come to be broadly understood that low vitamin D is common with Lyme disease. FYI…There is a revealing conference call in the archives here that discusses the important role of vitamin D. You might want to listen to it. There is good reason why it is part of the Logos Lyme Extension Kit. Then again, with morgellons and co-infections, the urea and creatinin imbalances you mention also do not surprise me.

For those that are inclined to deeper study, the link you provide gives results of a recent study by some very reputable researchers who want to remove the veil of what morgellons really is. In my humble opinion, your focus is correctly placed in sharing it. It may help others understand the significance of proactive testing when it is available, and is a good read to support probable connections between morgellons and lyme.

I will share with you that there is much skepticism about the reliability of lyme test results. The apparent properties of spirochetes like Borrelia to avoid detection within biofilm are clearly acknowledged within medical circles. Therefor, it just makes sense to treat for lyme, and is exactly what Mel’s protocol does.

Please don’t be disappointed about the circumstances you share regarding your dermatologist visit. Considering what you are dealing with, it is normal to be flustered, don’t you think? I made the same mistake with more than one dermatologist before I knew I had morgellons co-infection.

Thank you again, Atik. You are a blessing! Please keep sharing and stay connected here.


4:24:36 PM

Dear JohnB, Ruth and Siani,

Thank you very much for your respective responses. I’ve only just seen your replies. After I posted, I looked on the site for around a week, since I hadn’t seen my post, I thought that admin staff had blocked my post for whatever reason.

Ruth, you are quite right, I will be seeing Dr Bewley, and the blood tests were done on the NHS. Tests came back negative for Borrelia (Lyme Disease), but my Vitamin D was really low, and Urea and Creatinine were too high. Nothing was mentioned about any pathogens. I’m really glad that your husband has not caught this illness off of you. I am really impressed with your being 90% better on this protocol, and I would really like to follow it, but like Siani, I need to sort out a few things first.

JohnB, once I sort out everything my end, so that I can start on the protocol, I hope you don’t mind me picking your brains, and taking you up on your offer for support.

And last but not least; dear Siani! I’m no different to you! I try to be organised, but I did not present my case as well as I could. I was quite flustered, and probably trying too hard to present/mention everything at once. Perhaps, thankfully, the dermatologist had seen it all before, and made me feel at ease. My main reservations was that I wanted to present my case in such a way, so as not to be seen as DP. After I left, I was kicking myself with all the things I hadn’t mentioned and the semantics of the things I did say. I’m really glad that your husband has not caught this off you as well, gives me a bit of hope that my family might not catch it off me. With regards to conventional medicine and in particular, antibiotics. I really would advise against this route (see the Panorama documentary – Antibiotic Apocalypse on BBC iPlayer), it really does not bode well for our situation where conventional medicine might prescribe long-term antibiotics.

I think Dr Ginger Savely prescribes antibiotics for patients under her treatment for Lyme Disease. Since I’ve been tested negative for Borrelia (Lyme Disease), either I don’t need antibiotics, or they have not tested my blood for Borrelia using the procedures adhered to in the following paper
‘Exploring the association between Morgellons disease and Lyme disease: identification of Borrelia burgdorferi in Morgellons disease patients’ which can be found here:

In any case, I asked if the Dermatologist can email Dr Savely’s practice to obtain the protocol which she gives only to health care practitioners treating Morgellons Disease patients. The Dermatologist suggested that it was best that Dr Bewley does this. My own GP, who is really good said that it’s against NHS policy to email 3rd party hospitals/practices around the world for such information, and that the Dermatologist/specialist can authorise such things.

I really appreciate the support I’ve received on this forum, and will try my best to help in whatever manner I can. I will let those in the UK know how I get on with Dr Bewley, although this is not until the end of October. Please appreciate that whatever treatment prescribed might be on a case-by-case basis, and might not be a one solution fits-all kinda scenario.



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