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Hi :) I'm New, & just want to say hi & share my story

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9:16:05 AM

Hi Vin~

I was a neurotic mess when I first got this.

There's something really scary about not knowing what's wrong you and your condition is getting worse at a rapid rate. After finding Mel's site and cutting out all the carbs and fruit I was eating, I started doing a lot better.
I still have a day probably once a week where I have a breakdown from the stress or work, finances, cleaning, etc.

I threw out my mattress and bought a Coleman air mattress. It has a suede like top that's apparently made of plastic and says anti microbial. I don't trust anything that claims to be anti microbial. I vacuum the top of it everyday. I tossed out my couches before I switched apartments too. I bought a Simmons leather sectional from Big Lots. My bed pillows have plastic bags over them. The couch was 700 bucks and after the cost of moving and protocol supplements, I didn't have a dollar to my name, but it's the best 700 dollars I ever spent. Very easy to lint roll a leather couch.

If it helps any, keep in mind not everything you see is Morgellons. Take precautions ... but remember not every piece of lint is threatening. When you find one that's white and appears to have a bright blue head... Don't freak out, just dispose of it.

After I found this site I never went back to any other sites. They only increased my stress and their mantra seemed to be "it's not curable". The problem with this belief is the uncured have no idea how they should be treating this. They're eating too many carbs like the average person, not washing their sheets in MMS, thinking there's no hope because they can't find a doctor who knows what this is... The mind is a very powerful weapon.

If I'm not mistaken, Mel had this for THREE years. I believe God waited to cure him so he could stand as a testimony for those who felt there was no hope.

He was past middle aged, no doubt had full blown morgellons - he couldn't walk at one point, and had lesions all over his whole body...but most importantly he was mentally strong.
He believed he could overcome this.

The Lord did not give this disease to Mel, but chose him to educate all of us that there is HOPE and this IS curable.

I'm still amazed that back when there was no community like this, of people getting better, Mel didn't lose HOPE!!!!

8:30:55 AM

Hi Vin!

What's up and welcome!

I have a lot I want to say about your post, especially regarding actual bugs and how it sometimes can be related to mold and Morgellons.

My Lyme fog is too much tonight 2 days before full moon and all.

3 things:
1)I am/was an avid list maker.

2) There is and you WILL find HOPE here.

3) There is a chock full of info in the forums - read them and get real answers!

I will be back and I look forward to talking with you, too!

May God Bless You,


10:42:50 AM

Hello Vin,

I just wanted to say welcome to this forum.

I cant really answer the questions because i am fairly new. I have been on Mel's protocol for about 3 months, and it is doing good. I realized i had this in September of 2015.

It sounds like you have done your research like many of us have done. I believe this is the place you should be for healing this.

Read, read and read some more, you will find all your answers here.

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