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Hi,my name is Michele!

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10:59:33 PM

ld~ I appreciate everything your doing to help me & others! Thank God for the adivse you & others give! I am listening!!!! Big Hug, Michele

9:19:36 PM

Michele I got your message and I may have been hard on you but usually when we complain we should stop and think of those worse off and I am more greatful for what I have when I do that. I took the position that if we had some kind of diaster bigger than 9-11 than I would have to treat myself because no one would be available!!!. It is self discipline that will be a big help in overcoming this. Discipline to take the med etc. same time each day, watching the diet, READING labels and instructions, getting enough rest instead of socializing, or watching tv, getting out of bed to do exercise, taking the baths, and staying on course!!.

For those who get the testing and can afford it, there is a lady on Pam's sight who can make the cream for lesions with the natural stuff your tests says will work for you.(I know not everyone gets lesions) This lady has morgellons and has been into making creams with natural stuff even before she got morgellons. She was never able to afford the testing but she was making creams out of the stuff she thought would work on it. She was experimenting on herself and would keep trying to improve it. I don't know how much she would charge. Several of us felt that her creams helped us and that was before we all learned about the testing.

Also find that some stuff works at different stages.
For instance, some swear by the barley treatment for lesions and when I first did it, nothing, but tried it again and I felt it did help but not get rid of it completely. Some still swear by the barley but I feel again you have to keep applying it on a regular basis and too me it was too much trouble while The sulfur creams works for me as long as I apply it ALL the time. As Mel and others have noticed the lesion marks are very faint after faithful treatment.

Reading the posts you will find out what has been tried, what gives people the most relief, plus hints along the way that will help you. Having Mel's protocol is the foundation and things like the creams etc. make it more comfortable, but without the faith and hope you might give up. knowing that there are people who have overcome this should give everyone strength and knowing that you can help others.

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