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How Do We Grow From Here?

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10:04:23 AM

Hi Mel.

I completely understand what you're trying to do and I support you in this new direction.

You have helped me in so many ways, throughout the years from your own pockets and one can only do so much by themselves.

Morgellons has rob many of the ability to work, and I am one who may not be able to afford your new service.

Then I read that whether or not you can afford the calls that no one will be left out, you have always been that way, I love that about you!

This is a good move for you and the community and I wish you/us the very best!!

As a humble recipient of He Cures All, I am extremely grateful and thankful that those who have donated have done so out of the kindness of their hearts.

I hope they will continue, so that you can help others in need!

If this helps you towards that goal as well, even better.

May God grant you wisdom on this new path.

12:06:24 PM

Morgellons -

Hello everyone and welcome.

For approaching nearly eight years this website has been devoted to the restoration of health for sufferers of all toxic diseases. I have been humbled and amazed to witness as it has become a beautiful oasis and a thriving community of love, light and support.

As has been well chronicled here, I was in the beginning not only self supporting, but the primary financial contributor to this ministry. Unfortunately, in recent years, diminishing finances have forced me to seek and receive donations for personal support through a Go Fund Me account for which I have been most grateful.

However, I am painfully aware that fundraising to meet my own modest personal needs has diverted valuable time and resources that otherwise could have been invested in the He Cures All Foundation. Furthermore, my appeals for assistance (and those made in love on my behalf) are an unwelcome distraction that serve to undermine the incredible beauty and power of the life transformations we all rejoice in here.

Therefore, the question has become “How do we grow from here?”.

Beginning in December I will close the Go Fund Me account to general public donations, but it will remain in existence as a means for those who desire one on one coaching to be able to make contributions in return for personal consultations with me.

In order to maximize my time and effectiveness and to provide vitally needed resources, effective immediately, I have decided to limit personal one on one consultations to preset appointments for which personal donations will be accepted as follows:

$25 for up to 20 minutes

$50 for up to 45 minutes

After discussing this with others who are assisting patients that are recovering from toxic diseases, I have been assured that this is a very reasonable cost. This is by no means intended to deprive anyone who cannot afford these calls, and we will use the same qualification standards and methods that the He Cures All Foundation uses to determine eligibility for complimentary services.

If you are not able to afford the investment, let me suggest that you visit the He Cures All website (Get Help section) and fill out the application and sponsorship agreement and mail it to our post office box. Your paperwork will be submitted to our accountant and once your eligibility is approved, a phone call will be scheduled.

Those of you who have already donated to either the Go Fund Me account or the He Cures All Foundation will be granted preferential access for available appointments, and a consulting fee will not be collected. Those who have been following our website, but not made a contribution, have until the 6th. of December to make a donation in either place and be grandfathered in as well.

Let me remind you that every other service on the website shall remain free. Last but not least, I cannot and will not practice medicine at any time during any call. I will tell you what I did, when I did it and why I did it. What you do will always remain your choice. As we always have, we recommend that you find a caring physician to oversee your treatment and recovery. I am not a doctor, but I have been blessed by God to find a way to restore one’s health from toxic diseases.

Now, How Do We Grow From Here?

We grow from here because I will spend less time, yet more productive time on the phone. This time will allow me to focus on other areas that need my immediate attention, such as:

1) Dealing with researchers around the globe to continue improving our protocol to keep pace with the ever evolving challenges associated with toxic diseases.

2) Helping in the development of a fund raising committee to generate the funds we so desperately need to assist others, who without our help have no chance to restore their health.

3) Helping to organize a small sales force to sell ads for the websites, to help generate money for the He Cures All Foundation.

These are just a few areas that need my attention now.


I want to thank everyone for reading this. I hope to be talking with many of you in the future and to continue helping others to restore their health.

For anyone who wishes a one on one call with me, send me an email with your name, phone number and the best time for me to call you. My email address is; (

God Bless; Those who never give up Hope get well!


4:37:12 PM

Hi Mel,

I think your business plan for consulting work is great plan and way way overdue.

You are so valuable you deserve to be paid for your hard work.

I am a happy you are going to manage the business side of this activity, so it can flourish and continue to help so many heal!


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