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9:35:42 PM

Hi Ashley

I agree the sooner you start the protocol the better! With everyday dedication I have regained control of my health by taking the protocol, and implementing a good low carb sugar free diet. The faster you start the quicker to recovery. When I was very sick in the beginning I only told my immediate family who like so many were unable to understand or support me in this journey really. I empowered myself through God and with this protocol, and diet to help restore my health. I'm still not 100%.

I do have Lyme disease co-infection and have to keep up with taking good care of myself to feel as good as I do, but I'm very comfortable in my body at this point and I'm so thankful because I know it was with the help of our protocol that I am as well as I am.

I have overcome my fear of judgement and have gone public to friends, family, even coming out on social media raising Morgellons awareness. Surprisingly I have had more support than I ever expected. I have not had one person say anything mean or negative to me. Only kind words of support and care. I'm not suggesting coming out is for everyone but for me it was such a relief to have the shame and fear taken away from my healing process.

I spent way to many years trying to hide and now I feel free.

Sticking to the protocol and being vigilant about diet is the best thing you can do for yourself.

So much love and good thoughts sent your way!

Blessings, Nicole

Lady T

10:55:27 PM

Hi john - thx for the reply! My pleasure to share that - also - I like the word "comprehensive" for the protocol - and I think folks need to remember that a lot of thought and research has gone into the logos products and the extras offered with this healing plan!!
actually later I will try and come back to share more of my experience with it - because I really had to try a lot of other brands and compare - i had to really see for myelf because I was unsure - and I do not always like when one brand is promoted - but there really is something special about logos -
and side note - the digestion formula and enzymes from logos are 2 other products I have come to value highly - cannot even tell u how hard it was to find a good (and affordable) digestive and enzyme formulas (I tried sooooo many) - and the hint of licorice in the digestive formu is something I have come to appreciate - but more later.thx again for your reply -

And Ashely - hope you are doing well and that u are ready to crack open the kit. The products will also help feed/repair your thyroid, which will help your hair. And as noted in the comments - this protocol is comprehensive and will help you go from flight and fight to rest and digest!!
I know it is hard to get started. sometimes there is slow momentum when u have been enduring for years - and this is a very trying ailment - but be encouraged because healing can be yours / it takes time but the body is resilent and with a little help - your immune system can kick some butt again - So get started - ok?
Also - I used to be anti-supplements and will share that more when I come back later to Share more of my Healing journey - but I was the type that thought it was a waste. However - now I am only anti the cheap junk supplements that waste your money - and I am pro the bio available products like logos because they feed the cells and fortify your body so it can do it's job to fight off the pathogens! And especially with those of us who had malabsorption for years - the body will appreciate the supplements and will thank you later - ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone and stay strong - enjoy this day for the beauty it has in the midst of the trial - smile - get some sunshine - read something inspirational - give yourself permission to cry but then get up and fight - you will never be the same - you will be better as s human / and your life will be more enriched from this experience -with more empathy and more gratitude for very basic things!

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