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Lady T

3:39:34 PM

Kate- I also forgot to mention CASTOR OIL!
I still need to read some more recent back pages here in the forum so I am not sure how much castor oil has been mentioned - but I found that castor oil on the skin can provide some great symptom relief - especially if a change is needed while getting stronger on the protocol.
I once had to take a day trip for a family event and was not sure if I could physically go with external symptoms - but castor oil - thin layer - applied to hands arms neck and face (hairline too) brought relief and was odorless -and I had a great trip !
I also saw an interview with a lady from Sweden who had morgellons/Lyme for 8 years - she had little hair and went to more than 50 doctors (and they say the average person with morgs sees between 10 and 20 docs for this illness before they try alternative stuff- how sad - and the specialist I saw wanted to give me more chemical cream and steroids and while this was at ltrying to help and I was glad she was taking me seriously but -I knew it was not curative!!)

anyhow - this interview with the lady from Sweden was sobering - because it shows again how traditional docs are clueless about many common sense things! And she was finally using herbs and vitamins for recovery - and she was just starting to heal from the inside out! she noted that castor oil was a key help, which led me to try it and for 3 dollars a bottle it is nice to always have on hand.

There are some docs who also suggest castor oil compresses for wounds and injuries - where you use a warm rag and some castor oil and apply it - I tried it on morgs sores early on and not sure if it helped much (castor oil did not help like Neem oil did - or like the bentonite clay and vinegar paste did) but castor oil did give me relief to travel and was a nice option when the skin needed a slight change (curve ball for the morphs) - but castor oil is also very viscous and can stain - so use care with it.
Hope that helps a bit -
Lady t

2:51:28 AM

Hi Kate -

I am not sure as to what your question is "which oils kill fibers"?
Did u mean essential oils, omegas, or basic oils like coconut/olive/jojoba?

Well I really do not know which oils are best for ridding the fibers - others here might be able to chime in - But I do know a bit about oils- and have a few minutes to share so I will share about those - but real quick wanted to note that buying extra sheets and pillow cases really keeps things easy - go to a few thrift stores if needed - and discount stores have some high thread don't ones very cheap - but always wash even brand new stuff - read on a news blog that micro moving fibers were found in "made in China" beddings (and in mcdonalds nuggets in summer 2013).

So always wash new articles too - but if you can get back up sheets - they are thin to wash so can wash many together - and if you have enough you can change the sheets daily (which can become every three days later) but I did think it would be worth your time and money to have extra sheet sets - we have really good thrift stores (far drive sometimes) but has been huge blessing - and I know one lady who bought each kid three king size sheets - all cotton - and the. cut them to make a top and bottom sheet and they each already had two sets - so then she basically had enough sheets and pillow cases to change them daily and yet only to do laundry two days a week -
and sprinkle borax on clothes waiting to be washed - I think it helps - (never tried kleen green which I heard is great too)

Anyhow - I am sure many here will say that you do not have to wash daily - even tho I assume we all agree that we never wear clothing items more than once - but for me personally - I liked having fresh sheets/ pillow cases - esp during extra itchy times.

Now the oils:

Essential oils are potent and fun! Always use them with a carrier oil or the skin will burn -jojoba is one of the best carrier oils - but we use others (like sweet almond oil) and actually now I just use coconut oil as the main carrier - sometimes a high grade olive oil too. I know there is a reader here who uses "young living" brand and while they are a good product - with special proprietary blends that are great -but they are MLM and overpriced (IMO)- so I like NOW foods for most essential oils. Sometimes if a company specializes in an oil they are worth getting - like "Neem Aura" has the best Neem around -
Anyhow - once for a couple months I made a mixture of carrier oil and then added cinnamon - lavender - mint - anise - and cedar wood - but I always had fun experimenting - and also added some DE and shook it up - but coconut oil was all I used after that -
But the mints (peppermint - eucalyptus- spearmint) are some favs for many things - the final two Essential old I suggest for healing from this - which I heard might. Not be needed if u take the Candida rid - but the top two are oil of oregano and clove oil - they're must haves - both are strong so use with care and with carrier oils - a single drop is powerful

Omega oils -
many folks get too little omega 3 - and the omega 3-6 - and 9 need to be in balance - and I am sure these play a role in healing - hydrating - feeding cells and helping adrenals for building immunity - all of which combats the fibers w/ this - and side note on what I love about logos essential omegas is that they have amazing vitamin E (very special oil for body) and stuff from borage seed and very simply put - the essential omegas has the ALA - GLA- EPA- DHA and these goodies are crucial for healing - so the three caps of omegas in the protocol meet special needs.

Lastly - basic oils - and others here might be able to add more - but I have coconut oil in my green tea almost every day - I also use real organic butter and it is so satisfying / the bullet proof coffee guy got me using some butter almost every day/ I also sometimes use a good brand olive oil (olive oil is a very counterfeited product so use wisdom) and sometimes cook with palm oil -

Okay Kate - not sure if that was the info you were seeking - but I am sharing it just in case- I am so grateful for the tidbits and personal tips folks share online and so I am trying to share a bit too - we are stronger together and this will pass and we will be the better for enduring and healing!!!

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