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Linda **

10:54:59 PM

I have been dealing with Morg. for 4 years. I didn't know what I was dealing with for one year. It became 'entrenched' in my body. I went through hell and out of all the things I have done, Mel's protocol has helped me the most. I would say I am 85% cured.

I do feel any biting and itching however, I still have hairs that come out and a few grains.

If you can first of all know what you are dealing with and then start the protocol soon I totally believe you can be cured.

My daughter had this too and was cured in 4 months on the protocol because I knew exactly what she was dealing with...her symptoms came 21 days after I had visited her. She did not follow my instructions re: laundering and there it was. I flew to Ga. immediately and got her started on the protocol.

Every day I am grateful and I want to help you in any way I can. I wanted to die I was so miserable and it's God's grace that directed me to Mel.

Mel, God bless you and happy and blessed holidays to you.

I have been juicing since September and blending with a high powered blender things that a normal blender can't do like avocado seeds and whole beets. Beets cleanse the blood and the avocado seed is like having a whole tree in your body. This has taken me over the hump for sure.

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