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Jessica s.

6:37:38 PM

Thank you so much Robbi I will try the Nizoral shampoo for my scalp. Hopefully it can help along with my protocols.

11:36:53 PM


1) Nizoral fungal shampoo (hair and full body scrubbed with loofah for stinging/itching of scalp and feet)

2) ***Full facial waxing offered at Asian manicure salons ($35.00) eliminated my scalp hair static as well as scalp hair attraction to my face. *best of all it eliminated little demodex mites and strange sensations in my face. Three visits once a month did the trick...
Beware, as the first time some frightening things fell out of my face afterwards....ugghhhhh....but nothing by the 3rd month..
It was like a miracle for me...hope it works for someone else out there.

all the best ...

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