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Kleen Free OR Kleen Free Naturally

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4:59:34 PM

Dear Deanna,

Thank you for bringing this point forward and included the latest information on the difference. I'm with you, I want the stronger one. This gives me more reason to stick with it. I was lost without kleen green. This product definitely kept me sane. I'm a germaphobe, this product helps me to tame my imagination of germs down

Thank you,

4:31:13 PM

Hello All,

As a natural rule follower and someone who loves life, I have been reading all of the posts starting on page 23, following the STRONG suggestion (shown below) made to us on the Forum Page.

"To those who are serious about restoring their health, documentation and evolution of my protocol and our website, please start on page 23 of the forum and work your way forward."

I came across this thread right before our 10/29/16 Saturday conference call that featured Cathee from Kleen Green. On that call I asked Cathee if in fact Kleen Green and Kleen Free were the same product or were both provided by her company. Her response was that they used to sell Kleen Free but because customers wanted a stronger product Kleen Green was developed and they no longer sell Kleen Free. Thus they are not the same product. I know that I prefer to use the stronger of the two products and will be doing so going forward. You can listen to Cathee's response on the 10/29/16 conference call if you'd like but I thought it was important to share the "current" status of these products.

Thank you and God Bless!!!


6:25:04 PM

I use Kleen Green by Natural Genisis. I had a long
conversation with the owner and she says that it is all the same. Kleen Free, Kleen Green, etc. I have had good luck with mine, but, not a cure. Will stop the crawling when you spray it where it crawls.

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