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Mel **

1:23:24 PM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

Earlier in the month, for the first time since the beginning of our website, we were averaging 10 pages per visitor. This is what I always wished could happen!

To me this means that the newcomers are sticking around and ingesting knowledge to help them make good decisions.

Allow me to encourage all of you to please please read as much as you can!

Possibly start with my Morgellons story. By reading that you will come to understand that I was once where you are now.

Try and listen to the conference call archives.

Print the letters in the Lab Testing page for your next doctors appointment.

Use the SEARCH feature to answer questions you may have in the order most important to you.

Read the Testimonials page when you need a lift; see that I am not the only one who has restored their health with this protocol.

Lets not forget that this December marks my third full year of being Morgellons free...

If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

God bless, Never give up HOPE!

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