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11:15:15 PM


My body's decline can be attributed to several things, and heavy metals and toxins are just one of them. I won't recover by just focusing on one thing only, but my doctor feels that many of my issues are related to the heavy metal burden. If I hope to regain my health, then it has to be addressed. It can take months or years to detox out this stuff.

11:04:03 PM

Julia -

I am taking a prescription drug twice a week in addition to Vitamin c IVs. Also, the supplements and vitamins I am taking will chelate over a longer period of time. On my own, I do far infrared saunas and ionic foot baths. I know the foot baths are controversial, but I feel they help.

Tests I have had done:
-Liver Detoxification Test:

- ALCAT Testing for Food Intolerances

- GI Health Panel by Diagnos-Techs

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