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Mel **

12:56:41 PM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

In John B's most recent post (Medical Update... Good News!) he discusses three new products which have been created within the last eighteen months.

These products were created to give Morgellons sufferers and others with similar medical conditions the opportunity to use nonprescription therapies to deal with more specific challenges associated with their condition.

Let me start with the newest product, Olive Leaf Extract. As John has described it, this may give many of you a viable alternative if you can't find a doctor to give you a prescription.

Candida Rid I can personally tell you from experience is wonderful. From time to time as I have cheated on my diet, it has kept me from developing any fungal issues. What can I say, when you are well, you want to eat!

I have never tried the Monolaurin, but it seems to me that anything that can arrest a shingles outbreak or stop fever blisters (both are manifestations of the herpes virus) has to be helpful for any viral coinfections that may be common to our disease.

I am forever thankful to John Burgstiner and Logos Nutritionals for his relentless pursuit of answers, consistent inspiration and undying devotion to our cause.

God Bless, Never Give up Hope!


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