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6:32:27 PM

Hiya Sarah,


I imagine that I saw your post early yesterday morning, I was preplexed for I had Never heard of any one who contracted their Morgellons in such a short period of time.

Pat suggest you go see your doctor asap to rule out scabies,bird mites,lice.

Pam instructed us to send you to her;

Thanks ld for you responses, it is so nice to see others trying to help.

God bless, never give up hope!

11:11:58 AM

Sarah, I know you said you got the sulphur soap but I want to make a correction on name of the soap mr. C/S recommends, it is ASUFRE for others benefit.
The reason I responded to you as soon as I saw your post is that because I don't know when Mel or Pam would see your post (they are usually pretty good but maybe gone on vacation, etc) and in your case you have the best chance of getting a handle on it because you caught it so soon. Logic would say that if they multiply (which is the case) the sooner you
find the right stuff to attack it, you keep the numbers down and keep them getting more resistant the longer they are in your body.
Getting tested is an important part of getting this thing under control because it tells you what your body is lacking in order to fight this thing and keep it healthy. Pam has the information on the testing and will contact you or you can pull up her site which is listed on the heading of Mel's or mentioned many times in the post.

As I told you I follow Mel's protocol which includes the Molecular Silver, but I did not mention that in my first post because there is alot of controversy about taking the M. Silver (and even some about the MMS) So I would want the individual to do their own research and figure out what they want to do. I do the molecular silver for I feel it helps break down the bio film but have no proof. The MMS taste so bad that I am not faithful in taking it but do bath in it regularly. Taking it has helped my gums and I also read an earlier post that convinced me that it was good so that is why I use it.

Testing even with my local Dr. showed that I was low on Vitamin C, D, B and a few other things that I needed but they could not find anything else so that is why you have to do testing with Great Plains or the other lab that Pam has.

I don't claim to be an expert on this thing but only telling you what has worked for me from my personal experience and what common sense tells me. But this thing is so different from one person to another that it is unpredictable as to the outcome. I had it for a week back in 1989 and was able to overcome it but did not know it was probably dormant in my body. I was normal, no signs until July of last year when I got lice and the morgellons came back. It may not have surfaced if I did not have my health in bad condition and under alot of stress but who knows.

Can't stress enough about the diet which is for sure to stay away from sweets, starches or anything that turns into starches like bread, potatoes, etc. artificial stuff, gmo, etc. ld

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