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11:18:29 PM

Thank you Mel! After our last talk I just wanted to be as on top of it as possible because even though I'm making great progress we do not want to slack in any ways that might allow the M junk to sneak back in! So I'm glad to know that plants can be ok!
All my love-

11:26:52 AM


Welcome as always.

I could have called you with the answer, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts on this subject with everyone.

I have been a plant person most of my life and have always had many plants in my home. Orchids are a favorite, as well as Antheriums with the beautiful red flowers.

I could go on, but you get the idea! I have a 42 year old Deiffenbachia that has crossed the USA with me both ways twice. I have created at least twenty babies from this plant and given them to others as gifts!

Those of you who know me best know I am a clean freak. Keep your plants clean and do your home work on each plant's needs, for like people, they are all a little different. Mites come from lack of proper care.

Hopefully this helps a little. Good luck with your new hobby. Congratulations as you continue on the road to restoring your health.


God bless you, Never Never give up HOPE!


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