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7:22:45 PM

Hi G,
Never smoked, not even one try. I have always cared about nutrition and have always been a very healthy eater for 30+ yrs. I even took courses in nutrition. I have never been overweight and was an athlete when younger. I made a lot of our foods myself so my family ate healthier pancakes, muffins, etc. I would never buy processed products from the supermarket. I never ate anything with preservatives, artificial ingredients, etc. Did not even buy sodas or desserts. So, personally, I don't believe that this effects only those that have not lead a healthy lifestyle.
Sherry Taylor

6:23:40 AM

hi there, sherry here.
Let's not blame the victim here though...this is contagious and related to something wrong in our envirnment.
I've already responded re never being a smoker..this critter produces a chemical like that produced from tobaco though. There are many chemicals from tobaco smoke and the burning process..which people could be exposed from other sources as well.
I just read a thought in a blog that the real culprit may be plastics, or polyester. How do you clean that out of your body?
It makes sense. I used a lot of those Mountain equipment bottles. Why does it take so long to find out about this stuff? Mind you i
I'm grateful they found out..but I've been drinking out of those bottles every day for at least several years. Sincerely, Sheryy

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