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5:55:24 PM

Hi Debra, I just wanted to make sure you were the same Debra that wrote the earlier posts on this page, or a different Debra? This was before, then I read Mel's post. So now i'm confused, are you the same one?
If you are, I suppose it's legitimate to question some things, and I'm sure Mel answered you just so.
I will talk with you guys later, hope everyone feels better today.
Kim S

2:27:16 PM

I am grateful that the protocol changes as we are figuring out what is needed and what works best.
To find a true cure for something, it takes some trial and error.

I am in Illinois and I can't find a doctor that will even attempt to help me, even though my internal medicine doctor does believe me, he won't touch this. So, I am very grateful for the shared knowledge, help and love and I truly believe this website is a miracle from God. I'll keep praying for everyone. Lots of love, Kim

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