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How I Cured Morgellons

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John B

1:47:14 PM

Hi Maranda,

We are glad you are here.

Restlessness can be contributed to by hormonal imbalance, fungal overgrowth or by various nutrient deficiencies... most often magnesium.

Hormonal disruption appears to be a common thread in Morgellons, with symptoms of adrenal exhaustion and suppressed thyroid function showing up frequently.

While symptoms like restlessness are debilitating and can certainly have devastating consequences, they are actually marginal issues that clear themselves up when any underlying deficits and the integrity of organ systems and the bioterrain are restored.

This protocol is designed to address all of those areas. Give it a try and keep us posted on your progress.




12:39:24 PM

Hello Maranda,


We are glad that you have found our site and I look forward to you taking control of your life and reclaiming your health. For many who have come here have done just that.

As you have noted, restlessness is one of many symptoms that are associated with this disease. John B has always associated it with hormonal imbalance. Perhaps he will be willing to elaborate here.

May I suggest that you read as much as possible, for knowledge is power.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


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