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Pink Light

4:22:13 PM

Hello everybody! I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I've been on the protocol for 4 weeks exactly today and feeling pretty good. After the conference call, I added Parabolish and Magnifizyme. This is my second week on MMS and still feeling good. I've noticed that I cannot immediately fall asleep after taking MMS, it kind of wires me up a bit. After I stopped taking MSM, I haven't had any rashes and the one I had has been slowly healing.

I have been eating super clean and taking my daily tablespoon of DE before breakfast.

Have been training regularly and I have not felt any changes in fatigue or muscle cramping, so I'm quite happy. Right now my symptoms are mosquito bite/pimples, one or two a week, almost no crawling or pinpricks. Itchiness I would say it's 99.9999% gone. I'm down to changing my bed linens every 5 days, and cleaning my house once a week. It's just me and my fiance, no pets... so our place doesn't require too much.

My current post-workout snack is a hemp protein shake. I avoid whey and soy protein powders. I used egg protein for a while, but it's too clumpy. I'm very happy using hemp protein with almond milk.

Thank you everybody and keep enjoying your summer :)

Pink Light

11:40:50 PM

Thanks to everyone for participating in the teleconference. I enjoyed it and got some much needed answers.

I wanted to post about food and share a little bit.First of all, I think Monica and Theresa's posts on the topic 'DIET AND DOCTOR' summarize very well what you are supposed to eat.

The goal of the diet is to keep your body as alkaline as possible while eliminating any food source (sugars) for yeast and fungus in your body. Plain and simple. That's why no natural sugars are allowed at the beginning. You want to attack and starve the enemy, a 1-2 punch. I know it's hard and one of a sudden you feel like there's nothing left to eat. Let me rephrase that last thought: you cannot eat the way you have always done it. End of the discussion.

I have known about the candida diet for a while, I tried it 4 years ago and I lost a lot of weight, which was not great because I need to gain weight. But I made me realize what kind of food I was eating. Fast-forward 3 years, I stumbled upon the 'Paleo' diet, which is in some ways is similar to the Candida diet. Avoid sugar, yeast, most grains, anything processed, and dairy. What you're left with is veggies, fruits, quality animal protein, some nuts, and quality oils. This diet has been working for me, but I still have to keep my portions a tad larger, because I am not eating the traditional 'fillers' and still want to get enough calories to fuel my training.

I'm throwing the idea of 'Paleo' out there for those who feel there's nothing left to eat. There are tons of blogs on Paleo recipes, which can help add variety to your daily menu. Just read the recipes, choose what ingredients fit the stage you are in, and there you go. Some people may be scared by shifting their paradigm from eat low-fat and grains to eat more fat and protein. Do your research, you might like this shift as much as I do.

I was compelled to post because I once read the saddest post on candida forum: 'Please help, there's nothing I can eat, I've been surviving on boiled chicken and almonds for 2 weeks, my kidneys cannot take it anymore'. I gasped in shock! Please don't do this to yourself.

Here is a summary of my 'culinary' journey and ideology:

1. Going on a 'paleo' or 'candida' diet is NOT, let me emphasize NOT, convenient. It's an investment of time, money, and energy. But the results are worth it.

2. Be open-minded. You'll have to be open to eat veggies and other things that you're not used to.

3. Be adventurous. I sometimes go to the supermarket and choose whatever produce looks appealing and try to cook it. You might be in for a nice surprise. This week I found out I love radishes.

4. Be strong. Avoid temptations, eat before a going to an outing you know they will only have pizza, and bring stuff you can eat to potlucks.

I sure have more points but this is all I can think of right this moment.

Ok, so what I had for dinner tonight:

Chicken thigh fillets cooked on the skillet, olive oil, pepper, sea salt, and a dash of cayenne pepper.
Raw green salad, spinach, garden greens, radishes. Topped with the darker olive oil and more cayenne.
Half a hass avocado.
2 teaspoons of coconut manna as dessert.

Good luck on your culinary discovery.

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