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Pamela Mae **

1:00:16 PM

Good GOOD news!
We are on it!
I spoke with your Doc's assistant in Canada and he is right on track. we will speak again tomorrow (Thurs)and will move as fast as we can to get you on the full protocol.

Your black mold needs to be dealt with.
In the US the management companies by law are obligated to clean mold from all areas.

If it was me I would focus on two things....two things only. That would be my mission.

1. Get on the protocol. stay on all things, all the time ,always the same...minimum 8 months

2. Get rid of the mold. Tell your Doc about that dang black stuff.You need to initiate help to get away from all black mold.

Honey....focus on these two things ...

your Doc is on it! for reals! Such a blessing! What a gift! I will speak with him tomorrow and email you.

Hang in there..
Pamela Mae
Hebrews 10 v 23, 24
Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise. Let us think of ways to motivate each other to acts of love and good works.

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