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4:12:07 PM

thanks for sharing .. I love sharing like this, it helps so much .. Listen, I know I wrote this earlier, in the beg. of this disease.. I took epsom salt baths of course. One night after bath my body felt relief, but instantly my head (hair, scalp) started itching, stinging like crazy right after bath. I went into panic, there was nothing in the house for bugs, lice, or anything .. It was very late and i was not home, I grabbed witch hazel (used as an astringent always for my face) which was all I had in my possession and for some reason poured the entire bottle on my head & wrapped towel around it to sleep, out of desperation. Miraculously, The itching and activity ceased immediately! I learned it seems to paralyze it in its tracks. I started spraying it on my body in 3oz bottles whenever I got a sting .. sting stops immediately. I keep it in bed, in car, and rooms around house. Coconut oil in spray bottles did the same thing, but messy.

I was also wondering if anyone tried calendula cream, which I read is suppose to kill fungus on skin. I have tested monistat(made for vagina) on my arms and legs and I am getting Flagyl(for vagina) and going to try it the same way. My theory is that if the fungal is killed, they will have nothing to feed on.
thoughts anyone

I have managed to minimize stinging and biting. I too have experienced deep nerve pain in areas and also in my foot which has prevented me from running (my sport). All my Quest tests results came back self induced scratching, so I don't even let doctors cut up my skin anymore. (I have black specs, if that isn't evidence of something) Idiots, pardon my Italian.

In my opinion I would think Goldenseal would help tremendously, it is very strong and effective against so many things. Let me know what transpires w it please. :) !

Personally, I agree it could be a mutant gone wild, or GMO, and I also believe it is important to get to the root of this problem in order to help others before it spreads too far, for prevention. However, I also believe it IS curable. We have seen this here. Maybe it was meant to be incurable, but we have proved them wrong. Where there is ignorance, people will not know. We need to get the info out. Of course we know of at least 2 or more people whose health has been restored, and one of course is def Mel. Whoever initiated this pandemic, let's show them differently, that they will not win! I'm a fighter, are you. love susanne

2:47:25 PM

About the agrobacteria. They say it is the cause of crown-gall disease in plants. Well, I had one of three of the same worm looking things with a side appendage which I got off my skin. I sent it in to be analyzed. Quest Diagnostics. The results were returned which read: deteriorating plant matter. The dermotologist insisted that it must have been something that blew onto me. This came off me! She has no idea. They don't want to be open minded, like we've read.

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