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still hanging on, but barely

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12:06:20 PM

I do not know if you have tried taking an hour long Epsom Salts bath-use 4 cups of salt. This helps to draw things from your skin and you will feel some relief after. The more baths you take the more it draws out of you. Hope this helps you.

7:27:15 PM

Hi Sheila, I understand you! I am sick a lot with flu like symptoms and my whole back feels like hit by a car, all I can do is sleep, drink water, take all the recomended remedies and cry until it is over. Usually about 3 days. This happends at least once a month. I have long clumps of fibers wrapping around/hooking onto my veins or muscles on the side of my neck and jawline. I wish I had some advise for your hands but I don't have that problem. I am thinking of you and please email anytime you would like to! Take care and please keep your spirits up! Your friend michele at

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