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12:36:42 PM

Wow! What a blessing this thread is, and this community.

On behalf of the Logos family, we are truly thankful that God has allowed us to serve all of you. Your stories of lives transformed for the glory of God are a powerful testimony of His grace and faithfulness.

Please take a moment to read the "Latest News From Logos" post from yesterday and consider submitting a Facebook video sharing how Logos has impacted your journey. Your doing so may just save someone else's life. Just be sure to tag the Logos Facebook Page so we can track your video for the contest.

We look forward with great anticipation to seeing your stories of Hope found.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner

1:12:24 AM

Hello Folks

Someone named LA created this beautiful thread back in 2014. Reading it should bring you joy because of so many giving thanks for so much. These posts illustrate how this greater ministry makes such a difference for those stricken with this disease.

Today I give thanks to God. For refining me not like gold in the furnace, but through affliction. And then fulfilling the promise of faith and making me well.

Today I give thanks for Mel. For the dedication and the strength you bring forth in every single day. And today I give thanks for John B. For the continued pursuit of the science you pioneer and the very special gift of you time and your gentle heart.

I hope that today finds you in the presence of your loved ones and the greater peace of sharing while giving thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

9:44:07 PM

I love the John, parrot and turkey joke dated 12/3/2014 below. Laughing is so much fun.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
We have so much to be thankful for.

Be healthy, be happy, be kind.

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