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Jul **

3:22:48 PM

I have a question about what everyone uses to contain their dirty laundry. I use gigantic zip bags, but I can't afford to re-buy these things weekly. I do label them to be sure that only dirty things have been in the dirty bag. I also do not have my own machine so I can't just constantly put my dirties into the machine and leave them there. I was thinking about a plastic watertight bin (I have been using these to store my clean clothes) but then when I take the lid off to wash I am worried I would be unleashing the beast...?

I have read a lot about laundry, and have yet to wash with MMS. I was thinking that soaking for an hour in bleach (then washing) would do it, but I haven't read about many people doing that on this site. Please let me know if that is working for anyone. I'm trying it soon, I have been washing in bleach, but haven't yet soaked for an hour. My plan was to start wearing lots of white and mainly bleaching everything all the time. I'm having trouble to afford the protocol, cleaning supplies and frequent washing, and with bleach the price is right. I was using Borax + Vinegar + Dr. Bronner's + regular detergent and still instantly got the crawlies from a cardigan when I put it on.

Lastly, I must ask how to handle the actual fibers/lint/threads that I find. I use a lint roller a lot, but sometimes I'll just find one and pick it up and put it in the trash and, this sounds so bizarre I know, but I'm worried if it is safe to dispose of that way. I can't tell if they're still active and could, I don't know come back and get me again? Sorrrry, SO weird... Also, is the elimination of the illness contingent upon the removal of every single little fuzz?
Thank you thank you thank you <3 <3 <3 Julie

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