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To Everyone: Re Susanne's Two Responses About Extreme Topical Treaments

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Auntie M

2:56:45 AM

I missed what chemicals were used that were illadvised.

As for my situation, extreme stinging, biting, excrutiating itching on my face has me using:
1. prescription antifungal ointment (not really working),
2. over-the-counter antibiotic creme (does calm it down a little but not for long)
3. raw organic coconut oil (the most soothing so far, but sinks in quickly) Can eat it too to get rid of fungal inside the body.
4. Thera-Neem Leaf & Oil Lotion (from very painful upon application but then provides relief and the skin abrasions seem to be healing. kills parasites on the skin
5. Putting straight colloidal silver on the wounds on the face. This helps but requires constant reapplication.

And then I read on Susan kolb's site that we should not be using petroleum products. All these pharmaceuticals have petroleum bases.

While taking a vinegar bath today, I used Dr Bonner's soaps together -----tea tree and mixing it with peppermint at the health food store. it is pretty harsh on the scalp but it kills the bugs. I then use a nit comb to pull all the bugs from my hair after I have showered.

Thank you Deb2 for telling me about the vinegar bathes.
Mr. Common Sense

10:14:50 PM

" I did many foolish things trying to eradicate my Morgellons symptoms prior to finding this safe way to properly allow the body its normal restoration"

Here here Mel, well said, Do no harm folks, build your body up. Very good advice Mel. I too did many foolish things initially ...

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