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8:52:05 PM

Dear Hilary,
Hi. I've been wiped out at work. Well..about the FIR, Hildegarde Staninger has cautioned everyone about using just any old FIR. She says don't use a FIR with metal in it. Well, that's the cheap one that I had gotten by searching farinfrared on Amazon. I don't know all the specifics as to why she cautions against FIR with metal. I since got the pad she recommends. Some people say FIR works. I'm still not cured, soooo. Wish it did work..I'm planning to find out. About the skin on fire; I wanted to ask you..Do you take Niacin? That's B3. I found that when I take this particular vitamin, that it is then, that my skin goes on fire for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise I just crawl, itch and get stung all day long. It is a chronic crawling - scalp especially. And, I feel like I have a face full of gnats. A lovely day at the picnic

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