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Gina **

12:31:06 PM

Just a quick note to any of you who have septic systems....some of the treatments are harmful to the bacteria that are in these systems and that keep them operating properly. I disregarded that and used grapefruit seed extract, MMS, Bonner's peppermint and citrus soaps, Chlorox etc. in my baths and laundry. After 2 months we had 'very clean' sewage pipes, but a horrible odor in the house. We needed the system cleaned out soon anyway, but when it got cleaned, the man said the toilet paper was 2 feet thick and hardened (we were using the wrong kind, also). I do believe the additives messed up the bacterial environment to cause the quick filling up in the end. I am attempting to find ways to apply the products topically or rinse in buckets (sponge bath?) and dump instead of putting these things down the drain. It is great to know that they really do 'kill' the bacteria, though!! An additional comment...when the septic smell was in the house that week, the itching and crawling sensations on us were gone! I don't think they could tolerate the gas any more than we could (it is hydrogen sulfide and is a toxic poisen)! We got it all fixed now, and not much infection from the 'house' now. The gas may have killed anything that was in the home...(Although, it is the 5 week cycle we are currently dealing hatchings). Blessings to all! We are so much better than we were due to Mel's protocol's!

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