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Two major concerns: treating my Dog and eliminating from clothing

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Cynthia G
8:24:42 AM


Try 200 mule team borax.along with regular washing powders.

It's a blessing.

3:11:12 PM

Hi there everyone!

I'm also am concerned about my beloved baby Keebler....ok, he's not a baby anymore, but he's my baby! He too is suffering from M. He's a 6 1/2 year old Chihuahua who's a bit overweight at 11 #'s and has recently been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. The vet recommended a pancreas friendly diet and was very surprise when I shared that I've always made his food homemade and consists of white meat chicken, either fresh green beans or carrots, and barley. Exactly what he should be eating with this condition, which I believe is due to the Morgellons. I've recently revamped his food to include less chicken (now using free range), more veggies (organic), and organic barley or brown rice cooked very well in organic veggie broth. I've been giving him a dropper full of Sovereign Silver in the morning and at night. I also spray him with it in the areas that are affected, his eyes, stomach and rear. I should be able to pick up his Revolution on Friday and I'm excited about that too! His appetite has increased since the slight change in diet and the silver and I'd like to start him on MMS, but I'm not sure how much. 1 drop at night I believe is what Deborah B mentions she gave to her cat. Also, I read about spraying MMS on your animals, what ratio would I use for that for a dog his size? He doesn't have any open lesions but is suffers from a very swollen rear end on occasion. Thank you for your help!


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