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11:11:07 AM

Welcome Sonja,

First let me say welcome again and that I am so very happy that our first conversation has made such a positive dramatic impact!

Secondly, as to not create confusion this is a new Sonja, not Sonja from Australia for whom the thread (Hello Down Under) was created a year ago this month. She is also the author of the thread (90% Cured)and(Snapper on the Barbie), a wonderful fish dish that can be found in our FAQ Section under diet.

Back to our newest Sonja, I am so pleased you believed and look forward to watching as you restore yourself to total health!

God bless you.

I sense that you will never give up HOPE!


4:54:01 AM

Wow, I just started the MMS a few days ago, and what a dramatic improvement! Within a few hours, I felt a dramatic shift. It was as if the slight creepy crawly sensations that I felt on my skin beneath my clothes came to a sudden halt. It's like the Morgellons factory within my body had shut down & called it a day. For the first time, in 6 months, I literally could caress my arms, legs, face, and hands without feeling the gritty sand like particles emerging from all over my body. I even pet my dog's belly today without my latex gloves. I am feeling more hopeful than ever. Thanks Mel for the suggestion to not leave out the MMS in the protocol! I look forward to writing again in the 90% cured forum one day! I am so grateful to God for using people like Mel & others to shed hope & light when all hope seems lost.

On the upswing,

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