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Update on Protocol

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Lady Dee **

6:20:10 PM

Hi Mel, John and Mr. Common Sense (and fellow "mite" sufferers),

Thanks so much for the update on the protocol. I am so grateful to all of you gentlemen for your knowledgable information and explanation of what is going on with this condition. I have been on the protocol for five months now and although feeling much better, I am still working on getting the "rice-like" critters or "biofilm" out of my skin. Would anyone know if this strange substance is a new parasite, a fungal reaction to the antibiotics or another stage of this disease? I have gone from rashes, bites, some lesions, black specks and now to white "rice like" specks. It may be a phase of this affliction but not sure. Although I see improvement, these "specks" are persistant! (as many of you already know!)

Anyway, I continue to pray for us all for a complete and lasting recovery from this terrible disease. Thanks again for all you do and God Bless you all!

Lady Dee

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