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sherry taylor

1:17:04 PM

could skipe be better? You may have to register fer $3 per month. Which phone co. are you woking with? In Vancouver I scout ahead of time to get a dedicated line because it isn't available everywhere, here at least. asincerely Sherry Taylor
Pamela Mae

3:04:23 AM

I am pleased to meet you!
I think you are asking this in relationship to testing?

Please correct me if I am wrong and ask me again?

Great Plains labs has Doctors who use them for testing.
They have been so kind as to share those for your specific area if you need one.

What that means is,these doctors most likely work as MDs and probably also work with natural medicine.

Why is this so great? Because this means they go the extra mile to use great plains because Grt.Plains tests for many more bacterias,fungus,parasites than most labs,and for which natural and prescriptive medicines will work for each,and specific to your body .

That means the Docs that use them may be open to research and going that extra mile to take a good look at things.

Thats what we want,and are hoping for.

Did this answer everything? Let me know.

Pamela Mae

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