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4:43:51 PM

Thanks Mel

Yeah man that says it all.
I feel the moon cycles too,real cool to hear it from someone else.

Is it just me or when the lunar deal happens I seem to get more outbreaks and moods,know what Im sayen?

I like seein other guys here,like clod.and talken with you mel,perhaps soon I can be a little more open with this.

Thanks again man,I liked the freezer story.

1:24:04 PM

Hiya Joseph,

Welcome again.

In regard to a short term or quick fix, it appears that there is none at this time. I have always said that I thought it takes between 12 and 18 months to totally eradicate Morgellons from the body.

Our disease presents a multitude of challenges; various viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, as well as an opportunistic environment for fungal development.

A Herxheimer response is normally associated with the onset of detox symptoms in response to a new treatment. As we have said, it is a good sign, and normally subsides when the body's detox systems catch up with the toxic overload created in the dieoff of pathogens.

What you are really referring to is just the natural ebb and flow of toxicity that is associated with the life cycle of the pathogens, which in my experience was linked with lunar cycles.

I hope this helps answer your question. Welcome again.

God Bless, never give up Hope!


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