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Mr. Common Sense

10:04:25 AM

Deb, I can just feel it, I know my body isn't quite right yet, I can still get bouts of the crawlies that might last a few hours to a day, whatever Morgellons is, I still have it. But if you were to look at me I look perfectly healthy, skin included, and I'm so much more physically strong. At one point my life was sheer absolutely grueling pain, fibromyalgia, weakness, brain fog so bad I could barely think, I have made great progress, but am not home yet ...

4:30:34 PM

Mr. Common Sense,
Hello, I have read all your postings and am very impressed, especially coming up with your protocol while you were sick, we all know that part of the challenge is thinking clearly while sick with this disease.
My question to you is how do you know "it's still in you" if you are symptom free? I am getting closer everyday to being symptom free, but am always concerned about it coming back. Please give me your insight. tks

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