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Mel **

9:35:54 AM

Hello everyone and welcome,

What are the prayer meetings about? A question that has been asked many times lately.

Every Sunday @ 3:30 pm Pacific we have a prayer meeting led by one of the members of our Intercessory Prayer Team. The meetings usually last fifteen to twenty minutes.

After prayer, we allow all the guests to ask questions of Daisy, myself, John B, Peter, or anyone else who is present.

We have found this very helpful for many newcomers who have lots of questions, and they don't have to wait five or six weeks to the next conference call! I like to think of it as an anxiety buster.

We don't usually record the prayer meetings in case someone has a prayer request that they might not want to share outside of the Intercessory Prayer Team and other listeners on the call, but we did record a recent call to share with those of you who might be interested to see what the prayer calls entail.

So if you are interested, go to the Conference Call Archives and listen to the October 18th Prayer Meeting, and by all means feel free to join us on Sunday, even if only to have your questions answered.

God bless you all, Never give up HOPE!


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