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You, silly St. Mel

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8:46:06 AM

I just finally caught up with Forrest - classed that up a bit, didn't ya!
I certainly was impressed with myself, sending you a sorta corny little joke, now, some how you all classed it up, big lights, wow, Nice art, very nice. Who did it?

With my computor working again, I had to get a little fix for my new little addiction, that song and video, don't worry, be happy - so now I am.

Here it is, 1:37AM, me wide awake - so I called my daughter (also a night person), she got her husband up, and he found you 3 goofs (THE GUYS DANCING IN THE VIDEO), having the best time.

I'd love to send it to facebook, but when I tried, sent only the Morgellons info. Which made me think maybe I should ask before I assume, would it be ok to share (y'all are so cute and having such a swell time)?

I found out that Marley is one of my grandson's all-time favorites - and my grandson is how I came across Ellen DG info, looking for some financing for him. she is one of the 10, I think 10, receiving the highest civilian award for doing positive things for our country. Thought I'd make mention, so you'd be assured of being in good company. And bottom line here, I'm working on it - longhand, 3 or 4 pages, which I'll change another 100-200 times.
I Have not heard from the very talented Miss Deanna, as of yet. Maybe you wanna call her again - she's really good, and dangit!
Oh no, lines keep going poof, darn computor, So ok, this is your reminder to call me about the MMS? stuff.

Later, Gater - & the later, the better/smiley-face.