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Hi Mel,

I wanted to share this picture of my fur baby, Buttons. She is 19 years young! Her Vet is simply amazed that she is so healthy, active and "young looking" for her age.

I believe the MMS has definitely contributed to her youthful appearance and health. When I started to show symptoms, I noticed that my dogs were itching a lot. Desperate, I started to give them MMS in their water bowls which has helped greatly. After an initial detox period, all my fur babies are full of energy and spunk. I have even noticed that Buttons' gray hair is slowly getting darker. I thought It was my imagination, but several people have noticed the same thing.

She and her siblings are on a combination of MMS, Grapefruit Seed Extract, several of the Logos products and some herbal supplements to address specific concerns.

Thanks for recommending that I watch the you tube video by Andreas Kalcker on MMS. He talks about how he gave MMS to his dog, before taking it himself and how the dog is doing fine with no complications from use. This video definitely helped me to decide to give MMS to my dogs and I am glad I did.

God Bless you and John B. for everything!

Theresa S.