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My name is Mel Friedman and I am in my early 70's. I'd like to give you a little of my previous medical history for background purposes.

In 1979 in the prime of my life I was run over by a car and I spent the next 13 months in 3 different hospitals. I had 4 different operations on my hip, and was told that in the end I was never going to walk again.

At that time in my life I found that news extremely difficult to accept. I was a strong athlete, and my appearance had enabled me to work as a male model for the last 10 or 15 years.

After nearly 8 1/2 years of therapy programs, created by both my father and myself, I eventually taught myself to walk again. This 10-year experience is probably the only reason I was able to maintain enough sanity to stay somewhat focused and organized to beat the new challenge presented by Morgellons.

This picture was taken in early 1994 after I recovered from my accident but long before my struggle with Morgellons.

Update 07/22/2016

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

It's been a very long time since my last update for a multitude of reasons.
Two months after this last update, I was in a near fatal car accident that took over a year from which to recover.

During that time and up until now the website continues to grow at an incredible rate.

I remain in great health for someone my age (72 years). The demands on my time and the growth of the website have caused many personal interests to not be nearly as important as the needs of others. I go to bed earlier than most, I get up everyday at about 5:00 AM, I continue to take sun in the mornings when it's cool,  I'm working between 40 and 45 hours a week and I walk almost everywhere as opposed to driving.

I stay busy and I am blessed beyond belief with the mission God has put before me.

God Bless You All, Those who never gave up HOPE, got well.


Medical Update on the Melman - 05/17/2013

Dear Mel,

First let me apologize about not getting back to you sooner! Just now am I checking my e-mails,
(I am a dinosaur).

Yes, you're physically fit! You not only look great on paper, i.e. all labs and chest x-ray, but you are taller and more handsome than ever!

How's that for an evaluation! I am so glad to give it to you.

This does NOT mean you may skip your annual visit including labs and appropriate testing.

Next year my friend, same time, same place!


Shannon Zamboni, M.D.

New Horizons Health Report and Eighth Month Update


8:46:27 PM
Hello Everybody

STRENGTH and love


Poker is often a very serious game of chance. If your dealer gives you 4 aces, the smart play is to 'go all in.' In other words, that dealer has shot you a strong hand that gives you powerful odds you will beat your opponent!

I MET THE MAN THIS WEEK.... and the first thing I saw was 4 aces on his shirt. What I saw next was the face of a man that was vibrant and youthful. I was reminded of his picture on the home page of the website and found it hard to believe this man was Mel!
Upon exiting his car( a delightful powder blue compact)I was floored by what I saw. He was standing fully upright, and taller than me (I am 6'2'). He was vibrant and his body build reflected strength and tone! Their was no fault to his strideful gait!

'WOW', I said.'.... You don't look anything like the old man in the picture on the website!! You are going to have to change that picture. ' I am amazed to see the difference in you compared to the person I was expecting to meet!'

We were able to spend some time at the river Mel visits and has mentioned in his posts. He brought me some homemade soup and we talked about many topics from poker to ponies to Morgellons and my success with the protocol to date. I asked him if I could meet LIVERWORST but the bird that has provided so much inspiration was not around. Maybe next visit.

We encountered an acquaintance who works for the doctor he visits, ( a nice younger gal) and she too didn't recognize him and was amazed at his improved health and stature!!
What a strong testimony this was to the both of us to further affirm and validate that the protocol Mel provides does indeed fully restore health!!


Morgellons is not a game, but it is our serious opponent that we are all facing, and the stakes for winning our health back couldn't be higher!

Mel's' protocol is our 4 aces!! Mel has dealt us just as strong a hand to play, and anyone facing this disease should 'GO ALL IN BY COMMITTING TO IT!!'

STRENGTH and LOVE to each and every one of you!!!





10:04:42 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

As promised five days ago, a brief new update:

This past Monday was my last day of physical therapy, and based upon the reactions of those who haven't seen me in a while, I am experiencing the best health that I have had in ten years.

Due to the generosity of those who have helped us help others, we have been able to change more lives in the last eight months than in the entire year before.

As I continue to think about my dream of building a clinic, I have decided to start looking for a small piece of land backed up against the mountains and laid out before the river.

I know that God has already prepared the hearts of those who will help bring this dream to fruition. May He receive the glory that He so richly deserves.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!



11:45:25 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

As you can read below from both of my doctors' reaction to my last visits with them, they both seem very, very happy with my general health as well as my recovery from hip surgery.

If you think they're happy you should see me!

The looks on their faces when they saw me spoke volumes.


New Horizons update coming within a week.




Patrick Osgood, MD

11:24:45 AM

Every time I see you in my office I harken back to our first meeting. You were hunched over a walker, barely able to move. The xrays of your destroyed hip explained your lame gait. What struck me more so was your indomitable spirit and your belief in mankind. I am not sure where one learns such mental fortitude, but you must have had a great mother.

Now, you come dancing into my office talking of surfing, roller blading, and other enviable enjoyments. You inspire me, as a healer, to continue my job with the confidence that I am helping to restore people's lives and function.

You are an inspiration to us all. Continue to spread your warmth and experience.

Best Regards,

Patrick J. Osgood, M.D.

Shannon Zamboni, MD

10:35:22 AM

Dear Mel,
It was so good to see you tan and tall...or at least the tallest I've ever seen you! You have come a long way, through many trials and hard work( and a few guardian angels :).

I wish that attitude of yours was contagious!
Keep inspiring us!

From one of your many fans,
Shannon Z, M.D.


11:57:31 AM

It's amazing how quickly time moves along, for it seems like only yesterday we posted NEW HORIZONS.

I am happy to announce that more of you on this protocol are getting better than at any previous time in our brief history. (Praise the LORD!)

I am also happy to announce that since the forming of our 501C not for profit HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION, I have not had to use my own money to help more of you than ever!

I wish to thank those who have helped me help others from the bottom of my heart.

As for my health, I FEEL GREAT! I continue to recover from hip replacement surgery, and have physical therapy twice a week. I have regained my mobility and can almost walk without a trace of a limp. I can ride a bike again. I did give up roller skating, but have been surfing twice(blooper pictures coming soon)!

I can say it is truly amazing what has been given back to me.

As far as our short term goals are concerned, it was decided to use the donations for those who need our help the most, as opposed to me touring the country trying to share the knowledge.


We will be putting pictures and video on the website of the MELMAN in action throughout the summer in the hope that it will inspire others to become warriors and to take charge of the restoration of their own health.

I still dream of a small clinic, looking up to the beautiful Sierra Madras Mountains. I have now seen the land where I someday hope to bring this dream to reality... So that never again shall a person with a new disease ever be treated as a leper!

GOD bless all of us who have lived through this.

I think I covered everything, but if not, post your question in this thread and I will respond.

By the way, don't forget our next TELECONFERENCE CALL SUNDAY JULY 8th.(SEE POST IN FORUM)

There is so much more work to be done! We heartily solicit your prayers and financial support as we intensify our efforts to change lives for the better. To learn how to donate to this most worthy cause, please visit our Help Us Help Others page. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have already done so.

May God receive the CREDIT and the GLORY He so richly deserves, for He has given me more than I ever imagined could be possible and restored the enthusiasm of my youth. God cures all.

God Bless; Never, Never Give up Hope!


November 11, 2011 - A New Horizon

Welcome Everyone.

A little less than three years ago when our web site first began, I never thought too much about what would happen. I only hoped that people would benefit from what I had experienced so that others could also restore their health.

Well, I am happy to say that with God's help, we have accomplished this and much, much more. We have provided HOPE to a community that desperately needed it! From the beginning, we have also provided assistance to many of you who were unable to afford this protocol. The needs have always exceeded the amount of donations. Despite Social Security disability benefits and two part time consulting jobs, I was forced to file for personal bankruptcy in November of 2009.

However, as of this date, we are aware of hundreds of you who have stabilized and about 60 who claim that they too have restored their health! Not bad considering it takes a minimum of eighteen months of focused effort - unless you have additional health issues - and then it can take even longer.

Six weeks ago I underwent a hip replacement surgery not knowing what to expect because of 40 years of deterioration and the fact that my hip was fused. My team of doctors explained that mine was the worst hip they had ever attempted to operate on. Even they were not sure what the outcome would be.

Needless to say, the outcome has exceeded everyone's expectations! The last few days have been the best days I have had - both physically and mentally - for ten to twenty years. On the day before Thanksgiving I gave up my walking cane for good. Also, our new foundation has now been finalized with the state of Nevada.

Morgellons-free for three years and no longer encumbered by constant excruciating pain, I am compelled to expand my role in serving my fellow man. With my heart overflowing with joy and gratitude, I am proud to announce the formation of the HOW I CURED MORGELLONS FOUNDATION INC. dba HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION, a Not For Profit (501-C) corporation serving the Morgellons community worldwide!

There are a number of organizations that exist to raise awareness of the plight of Morgellons sufferers or to raise funds for researching the cause(s), symptoms, and/or possible treatments of the disease. The focus of our foundation is not to prove that Morgellons exists, but to reach out to those who are caught up in its grip and give them hope, inspiration and assistance to recapture their lives.

The reality of Morgellons and perhaps even its chief causes will one day be properly understood, but meanwhile, there are so many needlessly suffering in isolation and despair often experimenting with dangerous self treatments. My life as well as many others' who are following our protocol are living proof that the human body is more than capable of overcoming this challenge when given the proper support.

The HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION has short term and long term goals:

In the coming year (2012), I plan to make a series of public presentations in order to promote Morgellons awareness and to demonstrate that recovery from Morgellons is not a myth, but an actual reality. The plan is to cover several major cities across the U.S. starting in February with Atlanta. Other cities will include Tampa and New York, Chicago and St. Louis, Dallas and Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I have often repeated the words of the ancient prophet Hosea, "My people suffer for lack of knowledge". In my travels, I hope to shed light on the ongoing tragedy of Morgellons while imparting hope and inspiration to those who are suffering by showing everyone that you can recover from this hideous disease. One day I envision that many of you who are well again or on the road to recovery shall join me in holding hands around the pond where I live in Reno!

Our long term goals are ambitious indeed. It is my HOPE and my DREAM to create a holistic clinic here in Reno to treat Morgellons patients in the foot hills of the Sierra Madres. The clinic could possibly be staffed with those professionals that we have already assisted in restoring their health! I have already approached two board members on the approval committee for such things in our state, who have assured me based upon what they have already seen accomplished, we will have their support.

The first thing we need to do is to spread the word that the tyranny of Morgellons can be overthrown. We have created the Not for Profit organization in the hopes that more of you will help support our efforts.

I will never be able to pursue this dream alone.

If those of you who have stabilized or had your health restored will take the time to lead the way for others, it will go a long way to making this a reality.

I need your help!

For the first time in three years
, I actively solicit your support so that we may continue our policy of supporting those who need assistance in procuring the protocol and to help me get out among the people so the world can visually see that you can recover from this dreadful disease.

As more and more people are able to reclaim their lives of productivity and purpose, we believe that resources will become available to open a world class holistic medical clinic that is dedicated to providing creative, compassionate and affordable care. This will allow transformation back to a normal life for those suffering with environmental illnesses such as Morgellons.

There is so much more work to be done! We heartily solicit your prayers and financial support as we intensify our efforts to change lives for the better.
To learn how to donate to this most worthy cause, please visit our Help Us Help Others page. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have already done so.

May God receive the CREDIT and the GLORY He so richly deserves. For He has given me more than I ever imagined could be possible and restored the enthusiasm of my youth. God cures all.

God Bless; Never, Never Give up Hope!


October 14, 2011 - D Day Approaches

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

Today's post will be my last for a while!

I will take just a couple of days to rest up for my hip replacement operation this coming Tuesday the 18th.

In our our Welcome Letter I remind you that 'MY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE'. I am forever asking everyone to READ and READ some more.

Pretend that this web site is a book and if you can read it all, you have a great chance to save your own life. Not so easy; yes, most will not take the time, but from those who did comes our Testimonials!

Reading is the first step and then comes the hard part;
being diligent in taking the protocol each and every day. From those who have... comes our Testimonials!

The way its laid out in our Protocol Page is the only way I know how to get better. It is the way I did it!

I know it is not easy, but it is possible, for I am not the only one who has gotten better!

If you are a tryer, you probably will not get well from this protocol.

If you are unable or unwilling to move from a bug infested or otherwise toxic environment, then chances are no one can help you.

But if you are a doer, then you have an excellent chance of restoring your health and recovering your life!

The choices are yours. The responsibility is yours. The information has been provided.

This is a lending library to restore your health, and there is no charge... just your time. Please, please use the information!

God bless each and every one of you. See you all after I can walk again!


September 8, 2011 - On the Edge of a New Era?

Hello everyone,

Welcome as always.

As you know, I do not allow horror stories on this website, so I will not bore you with the anxiety I have endured in these past nine months concerning complications in trying to arrange a total hip replacement surgery. Simple enough these days... some say, except for all the law suits.

As it turns out, the reconstructive surgeries from my accident in (1979-1980) did not work out as planned. It progressed from bad to worse in a nightmare of escalating pain from which I was told there would be no escape. No sooner did the darkness of Morgellons lift then my deteriorating hip began to "rain on my parade" and seriously interfere with my efforts to serve others.

A few of you have experienced the diminished limits of my patience as I have endeavored to continue serving amidst growing pain and frustration. For that I apologize, but I can truly say that my heart is in the right place. I believe in this protocol, and it is difficult to watch people suffer when they are unable or unwilling to fully commit to getting better.

Finally, as it always eventually does, light broke through the storm clouds and brought with it renewed hope for a chronic pain free existence and another shot at walking and. dare I say. dancing! The first good news is after two wild goose chases, the third doctor finally explained to me everything that really needs to be done.


I need two separate operations:

1) We must remove all the stainless steel from my pelvic bone, two screws and a plate. Not many doctors in our country specialize in removing metal from old fractures. So Dr. OG is making arrangements with a specialist surgeon to perform the first operation.

2) If all goes well, then a couple of months later he and a colleague will perform my hip replacement with Titanium.

The second good news was when Dr. OG said I look much better than my x-rays. He made me laugh. He explained that the more doctors are learning about metal toxicity, the more careful they are becoming. He said that the stainless steel was the probable cause of my long battle with psoriasis.. Worse than that is these metals are not compatible at such close proximity and would within a few years be dangerous.

But at least it's true.. when I look in the mirror, I do look better than my x-rays!

I will keep you all posted as things are about to happen.

God bless you all, Never give up HOPE!


July 2010 Update - What is Hope?


Welcome as always:

I imagine HOPE means something slightly different to each and every one of us.

Before I get into to HOPE;

Quickly lets give you all a brief update.

I have been fairly quiet on the website recently as I have been rearranging my home (apt) for living.

What exactly does that mean?

Back in 2006 when I was told that I would probably die from this disease, I decided to build my last model railroad(My Bucket list). I have always loved trains. My first set was a gift from my parents when I was 19 months old!

My Bucket List Railroad took me over two and a half years to complete. It encompassed most of the living and dining room. It has taken parts of the last 64 days to take down, box up and store it. Hence, I have not been as active on the site as I am going to be once again.

Now that there is no doubt that I will be around for a while, I wanted to recapture my space for living. I now have friends over again, I am spending more time with people and anticipate entertaining all of my grandchildren this coming Christmas.

If you told me in 2006, in 2007, or in 2008 that I would be writing this today, I would have said (only if you have HOPE!) I never have and never will ever give up HOPE. All things are possible.

If you would have told me I would be river rafting
with my friend Lloyd and his buddies (these boys are 25 years younger than I am)when I was very ill back then, I would have said (only if you have HOPE!)

A rafting we shall go!

I show up on time @ 11am Sunday, three weeks ago, I wait about thirty minutes, then the others show up. I limp from the parking lot to the river, (I can't walk too well)and watch as the others climb into a large raft.

It looks like I'm stuck with this big ole inner tube.
Ok by me, now how to do this. I try lying across the top of the inner tube and immediately fall off into the river and cut my leg a little. I am laughing and swimming trying to catch up with the inner tube.
As soon as I get the tube, the boys decided it might be better if I was in the big raft. Sounds good to me.

This one hour trip winds up taking five hours. I am thrown out of the big raft three additional times
because of the rapids. I am tired, sunburned and as happy as if I were a child.

Why is this all possible? Because I never gave up HOPE!

Now that I have been able to recapture my health, it is MY HOPE, that I might be able to HELP some of you regain your health. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE THAT YOU WILL BE WELL AGAIN, I am living proof that it is possible!!

God bless you all, NEVER NEVER give up Hope!


Mel's Morgellons Update (Jan 2, 2010)

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to say I am in the best health I have been in the last 10 years. As mentioned in a post on our website forum called "A MESSAGE FROM THE MEL MAN, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE MAIL MAN" (posted 12/10/2009 on our forum) where I had mentioned I had ceased taking all prescription drugs on Thanksgiving 2009, it appears that so many of you have missed that post. I stated that I will continue to stay on the wellness protocol as well as Molecula Silver and my herbal anti-fungal. I have not been bitten or had a Morgellons sore in about a year. Yet I refuse to claim I am "cured" until I am off my prescription drugs for 120 days without any new occurrence- at which time I will be preparing for a hip replacement operation and could not do so unless I was cured.

Some of you who have been on the protocol for many months, who have not achieved the results we had hoped for you, will find it imperative that you contact the Great Plains Laboratory for testing to determine which anti-biotic and anti-fungal will work best within your body.

As I have mentioned from the beginning of the creation of this website, all of our bodies are slightly different and therefore may require a different anti-biotic or anti-fungal medication than the ones that worked for me. Great Plains Laboratory test results that have been processed to date, have shown that "Mel's Basic Protocol" foundation is sound, and everybody's body is different as I have often stated. Bactrim and Oil of Oregano were the medications that were right for me and may not be exactly what someone else needs.

I am looking forward to reporting back to you in early April 2010, that I am cured.

May God Bless Us All


Mel's Morgellons Update (May 5, 2009)

Hello Everyone,

I have been giving lots of thought as to how to present my current feelings on Morgellons to all of you. First and foremost, according to my last Dr.'s visit 4/24/09, I remain in good health and symptom free - since Dec. 2008. My recent blood work came back comparable to my blood work from 2004, prior to contacting Morgellons.

When starting the web site at the request of my close friend Rick, as well as the news paper reporter Frank Mullen Jr., I did not have the amount of knowledge about Morgellons that I do today. I was very excited to share my findings with other Morgellons sufferers because I thought that I had discovered a cure (which is obvious from the site's name).

After four months of interaction with many brilliant people including medical doctors, nurses, scientists, chemists, naturopaths and homeopaths, I have come to the understanding, by the nature of the disease, that there is no quick and easy way to beat Morgellons. We have to methodically support our bodies so they can take back control over their environment.

I have no plans to change the name of the site. it may be taking a strong stand, but it is highly effective for reaching out to those who are suffering with a message of hope and with vital information that can change lives.

I have decided to stay on my protocol for a total of fifteen months (Sept.2008-Dec.2009) in order to completely eradicate all the virus and fungus parts of Morgellons. I will then stop all medications, but not my vitamins. I imagine by then, we will know if this is truly a cure.

I know for sure that I share a protocol that has restored my health and given me back my life. This is not a complicated protocol, and it is not very expensive. It is my prayer that all of you enjoy the same amazing results that I have... symptom free for over 150 days now.

May God bless us all,