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11:29:07 PM

Hello everyone!

Thank you Donald and Peter for sharing all the amazing foods! It’s so critical that we stay on top of a healthy diet as it’s a definite life saver with all toxic diseases.

I wanted to share a few other seasonings/oils that’s helpful in fighting infections.

With mold, lemon, cumin, fennel and thyme are great in helping and with yeast infections, dill, thyme, lemon, cumin and spearmint are always good!

Diane, just hang in there! I know it seems overwhelming, unbelievable and completely draining ... but it will get better. I’m sooo glad your’re here and that you’re sharing. We are all here for you and for one another! Just keep doing it and stay focused on the positive and remember this (the bad yuck) is only temporary!!


3:34:31 PM

Hi Diana, Your situation getting worse could just be the disease cycling so keep the road clear so it can pass on by.
Our toxic disease family will always give you encouragement, answers, hope & LOVE.

Science has always been the best way to solve problems, Facts never lie & leave a proper trail to follow.

Know that when you get rock solid on the " Sum of the parts " those lesions will heal.
I cant stress the large amount of water you need to drink, Rebounding is a must to drain lymph nodes, All it takes is 5-minutes to drain system but its key.

In regards to dealing w/ our every days choirs I find a routine works best for me & after a while it becomes 2nd nature, Oh course keep it simple & plan ahead so you never run out of what you need.
No stress is best & Yes tomorrow will be a great day.

I do have few tricks to reduce my anxiety like drinking water, walking around, tapping, Singing, CBD oil, Yoga & deep breathing.

This below link could be helpful.

God Bless & Love--Donald

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