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5:00:46 PM

Hello, everyone!

Free access weekends continue to be incredible opportunities for individuals who are new to the forum to spend some quality time reading and reading and reading the incredible information available on the site that will hopefully encourage them to begin their journey back to wellness in the right place!

In addition to all the valuable information on the forum, it would be impossible not to notice the incredible community of people, all gathered to support one another and reinforce HOPE.

In the beginning, most of us benefitted from this free service when we were trying to decide whether or not we had FINALLY found hope and a place with real solutions for the restoration of our health. Just one weekend was enough to convince me that I needed to become more involved, and thank the good Lord I did!

Thank you for this ongoing generosity, Mel.


9:26:04 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

I have been saying hello everyone and welcome for over a decade now and meaning it as much today as I did eleven years ago.

If you are reading this, it could mean you are joining us for the very first time.

This free weekend is to provide an opportunity for those who are not aware of our website to gain some insights into a warm and loving community whose sole purpose is to help people restore their health from toxic diseases!

So as I have often said, "Read read read and read some more." Check out our testimonial section, the largest of its kind anywhere here on earth.

Check out the forum where our community members communicate on a daily basis.

Come to our free call on Saturday where you will be allowed to asked questions and, even better, come to free prayer and fellowship on Sunday where you will feel the pulse of this wonderful community.

I look forward to speaking with many of you this weekend.

God bless you all,
Rockin Robin

7:27:34 PM

Hello Community, Newbies, And Anyone Out There Joining In!!!

know it has been a while since I have posted, life has been difficult for me lately. However, I don't let it get me down! God has a way of taking care of us in the worst of times if we seek Him and trust Him and Ask!!! He has answered so many of my prayers through the years, and sometimes in the strangest of ways!.
Sending me to this site was one of them!!

This weekend is a FREE weekend on the website and I know we are always conscience and aware of people who may need help and are desperate for healing and sometimes diagnosis of their disease and symptoms.
Consequently, I wanted to take the time to address new people and those who may be visiting the website for the first time.

This website has been a Godsend and an answer to prayers for many, many of us here in this community. I , personally found a diagnosis of my disease, the right protocol for healing, and a caring and compassionate community who has encouraged and uplifted me in the healing process.
I had looked for 11/2 years and went to 9 different doctors, ( all who did not help me ) and I spent 10,000.00 dollars, ( all of my savings ) to no avail.

I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and 2 different co-infections that go along with Lyme. Did you know that there are over 50 different co-infections related to Lyme Disease.

This website has been a lifeline to me, at a time I had just about given up hope!!!

Here on this website, you will find vast amounts of information about toxic diseases, symptoms, co-infections, and ways to alleviate and heal your body of these symptoms and diseases.

Mel Friedman, the man who started this website, was very sick; but managed, with his doctors help, to heal himself.
He made a vow to help others who suffered with a toxic disease and He has been doing that for over a decade now!!

This website is full of so much information in the form of videos, testimonies, facts & articles, conversations/posts, recorded phone calls, uplifting stories, songs, quotes, and on top of all of that, friendly people who are also suffering and many, many people who have healed themselves of toxic diseases!!!
Mel offers ( personal coaching ) for the healing process!!

For those of us who have joined, it is $5.00 dollars a month for an immense amount of information and on-going help and fellowship.

However, this weekend is a free weekend!!!! Anyone can check it out and read and listen to your heart's content, The $5.00 a month for members helps support the website to keep it running. Everyone and anyone is welcome here. Here, we are all one regardless of race, religion, gender etc.....

I truly believe that this website immolates what our world should be like. I truly, truly thank Mel for his compassion, goals, and devotion in wanting to help anyone and everyone who may need healing!!!

So, come check it out! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! And its free!!! Join our community if you like, you are very welcome here!!
Best Wishes For Health & Happiness,
Rockin Robin

6:02:03 PM

Hello All,

Really pray all is staying well during this tough time.

One thing I know; is if your reading this know that you have come to the right place for such a time as this.

So, if I was you I would jump all over this free weekend!

Hope to see you here during this exceptional opportunity
Donna **

12:09:55 AM
1st Free Weekend Website Access of 2020
It's true, become a community member and have a greater chance at restoring your health!

Hi Everyone,

Mel has announced that he is offering the first free weekend access of 2020. He is doing something a little different this time. He is making this access available for FOUR days - Thursday, April 2 through Sunday April 5 !

Please, if you are not subscribing, look through the website and see all the information that you are missing to restore your health. If you are someone who has already recovered, I would ask that you also take advantage of checking out the website during this time also. See all the information available to help you maintain your health. As is evident in what everyone is living through at this moment, the world is becoming more and more toxic.

By subscribing for only five dollars a month - that 's right, only $5.00 a month - you would have access to the plethora of information this website offers to subscribers. Such a small price to pay to regain or maintain your health!

One of our community members, Cheryl, compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to subscribe and I thought it would be beneficial for all to read them. Below are her thoughts and the list.

" How many people might have missed reading this list when they subscribed to the website? How many people are thinking about subscribing to the website, but have not yet pushed the "Create a Login Button" and have missed reading all of these great reasons to join?

Before you read the list below, it is important to know that each one of the ten reasons listed was given by a different person who has gotten well, beginning with Mel at #1."


1) Everyone is welcome here!

2) Our Guiding Principals reflect 14 years of research, understanding and compassion for all toxic disease suffers.

3) Our FAQ'S are simple, direct, and easy to understand. The FAQ'S include our basic outline of what, when and how to restore one's health. This information can be printed on less than two pages (single side) for easy reference.

4) Our "Articles and Diet" section not only explains the necessary dietary changes, but more importantly includes why these changes make a difference. A comprehensive recipe section is included as well.

5) Then there's our forum...and everyone loves the forum! Here is where community members interact on a daily basis exchanging questions, answers, progress, great tips, feelings, etc.

6) Let's not forget our conference calls! "Coffee,Tea With Me" takes place each Saturday morning with BYOQ'S "Bring Your Own Questions", at least twice a month, and special guests or specific topics as requested. Oh by the way they are free.

7) Every Sunday Morning we have prayer meeting and after we pray, we have fellowship where each person may speak with any other person attending. People who attend our conference calls and prayer meetings claim they no longer feel alone! It is also free.

8) Our community is a place where no one judges you, no one thinks you're delusional, and where you'll find many many people who have, and are, experiencing the same things you are. Community members are very supportive and willing to share what has helped them restore their health.

9) Community members have the opportunity for one on one coaching sessions with a toxic disease sufferer who has restored his health, and who at 72 years young remains in unbelievable health. after being diagnosed with Morgellons July 13th, 2006.

10) It's economical. The protocol works, and is spelled out specifically and in detail on this site. This will help you focus on a straight path to restoring your health, and help you avoid being tempted to buy the next dangling carrot "cure" that seems to be too good to be true. This isn't a magic bullet. It takes work...but those who have dedicated themselves to the protocol find themselves becoming progressively better and finally healed. Yes it is true, those who do not give up HOPE get well.

As someone who has recovered, I continue to subscribe to maintain my health and make sure this website remains available to those suffering from Toxic Disease. So please consider subscribing - a small price to pay for your health and an opportunity to pay it forward!

God Bless,

Donna M (Sneakers)

We have opened up the entire site for free all weekend until Sunday April 5th at midnight EST.

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