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9:35:18 AM

Morgellons -

#5 My naturopath thinks I should start Low Dose Naltexone LDN to hopefully get me through this difficult time of the musculoskeletal inflammation and subsequent pain. Can I take this for awhile with the intention of quitting as soon as I am through this crazy flare up. I have heard it helps.

My focus before finding Mel’s site was WPS and rife machine for Lyme and coinfections. I started with WPS for 3 months consistently at 8 hours a day ,that did not go well for me, though did take away all muscle pain!?I seemed to get much sicker in other ways. However I did not try the rife machine yet. Some people recover from Lyme in a year doing rife alone, as I’m sure you have followed.

Could Rife machine sessions be a supplemental piece for me? My friend has a machine I could use. I see why Morgellons could be aggravated by frequency, maybe Lyme too? Any thoughts on this. I know Mel does not want protocols mixed. I don’t mean to push that. I just want to speak in the beginning of this journey, so I can leave the idea behind now or compliment what I am doing with Mels protocol.