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3/27/21 Coffee, Tea, with Me, Play it again Sam

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8:39:46 PM

Saturday’s CT&M was filled with so much solid information that benefits all toxic disease sufferers - and once again was put on by Mel, John B and one of the most knowledgeable persons on all things homeopathic, Robert Scott Bell!

No punches were pulled as these speakers addressed the multitude of issues being experienced across the country from taking the COVID-19 vaccination. So much poison has been created and we are nowhere near knowledgeable enough to truly understand its negative impacts. Something we can all take away from this call is that our protocol is ALL we need to support a healthy immune system and steer clear away from the vaccine.

Other questions from our newer members were addressed about Morgellons and herxing, with the understanding that it’s all part of the healing process that everybody goes through, even if at different stages and intensities. Mel and John B emphasized the healing properties of Monolaurin and how it can really combat those side effects to get us feeling better.

Such great content and way too much to cover here... so if you missed the call, I highly encourage you to listen to the recording below!

God Bless you all!

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 03-27-21

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