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8:20:10 PM

Hello Karen

Sorry for not responding sooner. "Thank you" for another informative post. Here are a few points that I would noteworthy for your consideration.

I am fully persuaded that this new technology will pose significant health and environmental challenges,
including increased risk of blindness, deafness,
male infertility, and certain types of cancer.

5G actually appears to be about moving greater volumes of automation and interconnectedness with regard to new and major advancements in real-time remote surgery, driverless transportation, and other forms of artificial intelligence. The new 5G frequencies will also be used for machine-to-machine
communication in smart homes where appliances will "talk to one another."

In my humble opinion, the bottom line here is that for those of us with toxic disease, it may further suppress immunity and cellular health. And it may also present additional risks to psychological health, through increased anxiety. In fact, the article is correct in pointing to the large body of literature showing biological and health effects from both acute and chronic exposures to RF.

Finally, I agree that to implement 5G, big carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are actively installing thousands of the small-cell antennae on existing structures like streetlights, utility poles, or
the sides of buildings. It is this stealth aspect of rolling out 5G that I believe should really concern us.

God bless you Karen! Stay the course, make the bible your best friend, and enter into a constant conversation with God.

Strength and Love,

Karen (the Librarian) **

12:33:19 PM
5G and Possible Health Effects in Layman/s Terms

The attached articles explains in everyday language some of the concerns about 5G networks (Peter, especially, please read this.)

By way of a bit of introduction, 5G networks waves cannot pass through trees, or thick layers of brick, etc. 5G antennae can only read about 1,000 feet, whereas 4G networks can reach about 10 miles.Therefore, many antennas will need to be installed in our neighborhoods, near schools, business, etc. The antennae are needed to "transmit data from" (p. 21) one mobile device to another. In the near future, 5G will not replace 4G, but will be in addition to the 4G. Two of 5G's main rolls is to move data more quickly, and to allow for things such as refrigerators, thermostats, medical and other technological equipment to communicate with one another and to act on instructions sent via the transmissions. To enable such vast amount of data transmission, in addition to a multitude of local antennae on the ground, many satellites will e laughed to transmit 5G from space.

For information on how 5G may impact our health as humans, read the attached article.

Karen (the librarian)

Click the Link Below to Read Article

Download What-Is-5G.pdf deleteedit