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Joe **

1:56:20 PM
9/25/21 CTw/M - Essential Oil

Hello everyone and thanks to all who joined for Saturday's CTw/M, where all things Essential Oils were discussed. And the best part?? Our very own Tea, and Cathee from Natural Genesis, delivered the best-in-class information about what essential oils do and how to use them as a weapon to combat this disease!

Tea and Cathee recommended various uses of oils, how to mix them with carrier oils for topical use, adding oil drops to the bath tub, or add to water in a diffuser. Lots of great questions were asked, especially by newer community members, and no detail was spared. These ladies are very well-versed in treating the skin with Essential Oils and we are so fortunate and blessed that they are part of this community - it's no doubt that God placed them here to support each on our healing journey.

So much detailed information on what oils were discussed and how to use them that we could write a few pages on the call, but there's no better way to get the information than by listening to the recording link below if you weren't able to attend.

Thank you Tea and Cathee - the work you do to support this community is God working through you!

Blessings to all and have a wonderful week!

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 09-25-21

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