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Joe **

10:05:59 AM
9/4/21 CTw/M - BYOQ

Hello Everyone - I hope this message finds you well and that you and your loved ones enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day Holiday :)

Saturday's CTw/M BYOQ call was epic... we had participation from one of the largest number of existing and NEW community members! Much of the topics centered around diet and nutrition. As infatuated as I am with nutrition, I'm just amazed at how much people working this protocol are willing to adopt a completely different approach to nutrition and making it work for them. The lemonade cleanse and tea were the "big hitters." If you haven't already, please check out "It Just Works!!!!!!!" in the forum - this post gives all the ingredients and how to make and take the lemonade cleanse that Mel came up with. And just like the title says... It Just Works! The acidity of the lemon, spiciness/heat of the cayenne, and sweetness of Stevia or organic maple syrup will keep the creepy-crawlies at bay in an instant! We are getting more and more habitual at keeping a cleanse on deck in the freezer ready to go whenever the 'prisoners' decide they want to run the asylum. As a reminder to Mel's request - if you provided a recipe or a different approach to any of the topics discussed on the call, PLEASE do us all a favor and write a post about it!

From the tea side of the discussion, Rockin' Robin and Tea brought the heat with their go-to's: Rooibos brand tea and dandelion tea. My wife recently brought home a supply of Dandy Blend brand dandelion tea and let me tell you, from being an avid coffee drinker this blend has replaced my taste for coffee! We only have the regular kind, but pour steamed almond milk over it with some monk fruit sweetener and it's a pure treat! We were blown away even more when Robin mentioned there are different flavors of this tea, which we plan to pick up on our next run!

Folks, I'm telling you, the number of "raised hands" on the call that Mel had to turn down was unlike anything I'd experienced. We could have easily gone on for 3+ hours if Mel allowed each person to speak but there was just so much solid information and everyone was so enthusiastic to help each other out. THIS is what being a part of this Community is all about!

If you missed Saturday's CTw/M, you can catch all the juiciness of the call in the recording below.

Boys and Girls - if you're reading these forum posts, which I urge you to continue doing, but haven't attended a weekend CTw/M and/or Sunday Prayer & Fellowship, you really are missing out on the power of these calls and how we keep each other accountable towards our individual path of healing. Even if you just want to sit back and listen, take it all in... heck, use a fictitious name as your identity, it doesn't matter. Just join the calls and you will see your healing progress so much more!

God Bless

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 09-04-21

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