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A few questions :

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9:36:17 AM

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Hello Everyone ;

I just have a few questions about the diet , If French bread is NON GMO is it OK to eat?

I guess it would be the ingredients . I'm learning and trying to figure out the things I can keep.. I'm reading and printing the recipes .. but a little instruction on the basics would help..

Also are all the beans OK and peas also.. I quit all potatoes and boxed or processed food so I'm trying to put together some kind of a eating plan for my grocery trips.

Is bacon out and what about Turkey Bacon and turkey meat .. I had to give up the mustard and mayonnaise so I'm replacing that with organic , organic everything I suppose but where I live is limited on organics.

I want to thank everyone for there help and support on this journey.. Thank You to Chrissie , so encouraging .

I hope someday I will be well and happy again.. But I have not given up and I won't give up . It's a learning process for me , everything has to be changed pretty much and habits are hard to break but we are more than willing..

I have to be patient with myself and keep going.. so a big thanks to everyone . I'm not good at with this kind of thing but I'm trying ..I don't have a lot to say really but I hope it will get easier..

Thanks to Mel most importantly , if it were not for the work you do Mel , possibly none of us would be well , SO THANK YOU MEL !!

Any suggestions would be very welcome on how others have started out and I am reading, reading, reading .??

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